Jim Carwile

Educational Background:

MIT Sloan School of Management


Wharton Business School
Digital Marketing & Analytics


Harvard Business School 
Disruptive Strategy
Negotiation Mastery
Contract Law
Entrepreneurship Essentials


Cornell University
Marketing Strategy


Dartmouth University
Omni-channel Strategy & Management


University of Oxford


Duke University


Samford University
Bachelor of Arts

Jim has been in broadcast production and advertising since 1977. He provided his 1st voice-over talent at 8 years of age. He received his FCC license at 13 and worked for his father who owned WPID in Piedmont, Alabama from 1977-1984. Throughout Jim's life, he has done voice-over work, commercial development, and conceptual advertising.  

He has also worked in musical production providing vocal talent and executive services for singers and songwriters alike.

In 1990 he began his career in the tech sector and for the next 30 years had multiple tech venture exits and created over $130M of revenue for his clients and partners.

Jim is so excited about this new chapter of his life and a return to broadcasting in the form of Podcast support services. He currently hosts the Metanoia - Rethink Everything Podcast and thoroughly enjoys interviewing extraordinary people that have overcome adversity in their lives and are willing to share their stories. 

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