Tech Ventures


We offer multiple tech venture services. We develop white paper studies of your concept, business status, and growth assessment needs. In addition we locate the right investment partners with previous experience in your particular vertical with venture capital.

Consulting Services


Our C-Suite consulting services can range from raising capital investment to supply chain management and marketing infrastructure. We've been fortunate to play a key role in the sale and acquisition of multiple intellectual properties as well. 



We've had tremendous success with our joint ventures and partnership program. In many instances we encourage startup ventures to refrain from accepting outside investment and to pursue partnerships in lieu of venture capital. 



Since 1999 C7Media has been a tech investment consultancy. Our portfolio has included, Digital Marketing Agencies, Intellectual Properties, SaaS Platforms, and multiple VAR Agencies. Our investments include Capital needs, marketing support, and customer acquisition methodologies.

With our previous experience in connecting Venture Capital and Private Equity within our portfolio partners we provide a unique service to increase the odds of success.

We've had portfolio successes in 2005, 2013, 2017 and multiple closings scheduled for 2020. 

Our knowledge base gives us a strategic advantage when consulting businesses at all phases of development.


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